2016 Winners



Congratulations to our 2016 Winners & Finalists


Deloitte & AJ Park


Z Energy Limited - WINNER

Judges notes: Z Energy has had an absolutely outstanding year. The acquisition of Caltex, and subsequent delivery in terms of the integration and benefits has seen them perform ahead of market expectations, with substantial shareholder returns in the past twelve months. They have continued the success story of Z’s brand and how it delivers to New Zealand and the community.  


Spark NZ - Finalist

Judges notes: Spark this year has strengthened their brand and regained market share in revenue and mobile, as well as retaining and strengthening their leadership in data networking. They have seen modest earnings growth over the past 12 months as they reinforced their desire to move customers away from copper broadband in favour of fibre and wireless.


Restaurant Brands - Finalist

Judges notes: Restaurant Brands has had an excellent year delivering great returns to shareholders based on the franchises they operate, and have expanded very successfully into Australia. They operate in a very tough and competitive environment and their focus on excellence has shown through in all facets of their business.




Massey Business School


Jolie Hodson, Spark NZ - WINNER

Judges notes: Jolie Hodson has been the financial leader of Spark during a time of great change. Spark has generated a strong return to shareholders despite challenging changes in telecommunications and data services. Jolie is respected by the market, her board, and her colleagues on the executive team. In addition to her traditional CFO responsibilities, Jolie headed up the successful transformation effort at Spark that repositioned the company for the challenging environment with a lower cost base and is now the new Spark digital head.


Gordon MacLeod, Ryman Healthcare - Finalist

Judges notes: Gordon MacLeod has been at the financial helm of Ryman for nine years and has been a valued partner to the CEO in implementing the Ryman strategy that has created extraordinary value for the shareholders over the past 10 years. Gordon is respected for his finance, accounting and strategic skills, and is respected as a leading CFO by his colleagues, the Ryman board, and financial markets. In the past year, Gordon and his team have been instrumental in Ryman’s move into the Australian retirement home market. 


Andrew Carroll, Chorus - Finalist

Judges notes: Andrew Carroll has helped Chorus steer through a challenging environment of regulatory changes. He is respected by everyone that he works with and rated by the market as a strategic CFO who creates value.  In 2016, Chorus had a solid rebound in its share price and Andrew and the finance team successfully refinanced the company’s debt at significant savings and to better prepare it for its new regulatory framework. He has been rated as one of the top CFO’s in New Zealand for the second year in a row.


 Minter Ellison Rudd Watts


Accident Compensation Corporation - WINNER

Judges notes: ACC has achieved a spectacular turnaround in performance and perception – in the interests of the New Zealand taxpayer – under the leadership of successive chairs. The Dame Paula Rebstock led board has significantly improved the relationship between ACC and the Government, providing a strong framework for improvements in the organisation’s performance.  Under the chairmanship of John Judge, ACC laid the groundwork for the substantial improvement in ACC’s financial performance.


Nuplex - Finalist

Judges notes: The Nuplex board demonstrated shrewd and shareholder-focused governance throughout a takeover period in 2015-16. Where directors may often be somewhat unwelcoming of a takeover offer, the judges considered that the Nuplex Directors played an impressive role in constructively engaging with the eventual acquirers to deliver the best possible return for shareholders – a premium of 44 per cent over Nuplex’s trading price on the last trading day before the proposal was announced.


Dr Lester Levy - Finalist

Judges notes: Lester Levy holds a plethora of governance roles in the New Zealand business community, with a particular focus on leadership and healthcare. As chair of New Zealand’s two largest DHBs by revenue and population served – Auckland and Waitemata; Levy’s leadership has been instrumental in both DHBs achieving breakeven positions over the last four years when over half of the nation’s DHBs fell into deficit. The balancing of commercial constraints and the performance in health outcomes is seen as a strength over this period.


NewsTalk ZB


Zespri - WINNER

Judges notes: Zespri has achieved a dramatic and positive turnaround in performance.  Zespri and its growers were devastated by the impact of the PSA virus on kiwifruit vines. But the crisis was well managed and healthy returns are being delivered to growers on the back of new kiwifruit varieties. It is a great New Zealand cooperative business success story.


Trade Me - Finalist

Judges notes: Trade Me has invested and grown its core business in property, markets and cars as well as investing in new areas. It has introduced a mobile strategy recognizing the importance and growing number of transactions conducted by mobile phones. This strategy has resulted in new revenue growth.


Kathmandu - Finalist

Judges notes: Kathmandu has improved performance by introducing new products and through careful management of its promotional activity. Kathmandu has been well managed and the results have followed with it growing EBIT by more than 50 per cent in the last year.













New Zealand Herald


Synlait Milk - WINNER

Judges notes: Synlait’s growth strategy is based on selling selected products to leading brands around the world. Synlait has gone through tough times and turned itself around. Its had a successful IPO and capital raisings and successfully located external investors. Synlait is known for its innovative pricing and payment mechanisms for its suppliers – an important part of its NZ presence.  Synlait’s revenues have reached $546 million; up 22 per cent on last year.  Its profitability is $34 million; up 324 per cent on last year.


The a2 Milk Company - Finalist

Judges notes: The a2 Milk Company has succeeded in setting out to produce, market and sell branded A1 protein free dairy products in a global market. Over 16 years, a2 has grown into a company with $352 million worth of revenue – up 127 per cent over last year. It has had great success in NZ, in Australia where it has a 10 per cent share of the fresh milk market, the US, UK and China. It’s a $1.3 billion market cap company today.


Ryman Healthcare - Finalist

Judges notes: Ryman Healthcare has a long, distinguished record of success. Since first appearing in the Deloitte Top 200 (2000) it has been nominated 13 times and won four different categories. Its expansion into Australia is the next phase in its highly successful growth strategy and Ryman plans to have five sites in operation there by 2020. Ryman is now a $4.8 billion company by market cap. 


Deloitte & Orbit World Travel


Mike Bennetts, Z Energy Limited - WINNER

Judges notes: Mike Bennetts is an authentic leader who has set the vision and delivered on what has been a great success story in the market for Z Energy. He leads from the front and has delivered outstanding results for Z, not just in the last 12 months, but also in prior years. Z made a huge acquisition with the purchase of Caltex and management has successfully delivered on that. “Mike is clear with his strategies and he is setting the company up for many successful years ahead.”


Simon Moutter, Spark NZ - Finalist

Judges notes: Simon Moutter is delivering not just results for Spark but is also contributing in a wider sense with NZ Inc and with a range of diversity initiatives.  Spark operates in a highly competitive environment and Simon has maintained a highly disciplined and focused resolve on shareholder returns and has managed to claw back market share against competitors. He has successfully led the successful rebranding from the old Telecom to the Spark business.


Patrick Davies, EBOS Group Ltd - Finalist

Judges notes: Patrick Davies follows on from one of NZ’s great CEOs, Mark Waller, so he had very big shoes to fill, but he has taken the lead even further in terms of delivering great success in Australia as well as New Zealand. Ebos is now NZ’s third largest company by revenue in the Top 200 list.


QBE Insurance


Christopher Moller - WINNER

Judges notes: Christopher Moller has demonstrated courageous decision-making, flexibility, and a broad skillset through a range of chairmanships. At SKYCITY Entertainment Group he retained a responsible focus on shareholders’ interests during controversy over the new Convention Centre, delivering an outcome that extended SKYCITY’s casino licence and is set to deliver a world-class convention facility. As chair of Meridian, Moller also led a successful IPO.  He is also chair of NZTA.


Rob Campbell - Finalist

Judges notes: Rob Campbell is regarded as a chairman who provides effective strategic input and direction to companies he chairs such as Tourism Holdings and Summerset Group Holdings. He is widely regarded as setting the strategic direction at board level which his chief executives implement to the ultimate benefit of the companies. Campbell is seen as a great promoter of women in the business community, illustrated by the number of female directors appointed to his boards.


Trevor Janes - Finalist

Judges notes: As chair of Abano Healthcare Group since 2011, Janes has maintained poise and purpose amidst external pressures. He has upheld his core responsibility to act in the interests of shareholders. Janes is an experienced chairman who is widely regarded in Government circles for the business experience, financial expertise and collaborative leadership style he brings to positions such as his recent appointment as KiwiRail chairman.







Judges notes: ASB has a clear Diversity and Inclusion vision and strategy, which is linked to the bank’s overall success and supported by strong leadership from the top. ASB is achieving a good gender balance – 54 per cent of the organization are women. And 50 per cent of the board and over 25 per cent of the senior executive are women, including the CEO. ASB keeps gender statistics and goes out of its way to track how it is going.


IAG NZ - Finalist

Judges notes: IAG has a mature approach to its diversity and inclusion strategy which is linked to its business goals. They have made good progress on meeting gender targets with over 40 per cent of executive roles now filled by women. They have shown a commitment to diversity at board and leadership level and they are working on diversity across a range of different areas.


ANZ Bank New Zealand - Finalist

Judges notes: ANZ has a very clear Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) vision which enjoys a strong commitment from senior leaders. ANZ is making progress in achieving gender balance – 59 per cent of staff are women and 36 per cent of the executive team. ANZ has launched targeted D&I initiatives for flexible working, enhanced parental leave and removing bias in progression of women. It also celebrates cultural differences.





IMNZ & Eagle Technology 


James Bergin, ASB Bank - WINNER

Judges notes: “James is a very articulate, clear thinker with a broad range of skills. He’s an impressive young leader who transcends a wide skillset and is an excellent communicator. He is people and customer oriented, has the potential to grow and is a professional community contributor.”


Sasha Lockley, Avanti Finance - Finalist

Judges notes: “Sasha is an outgoing, personable leader who is engaging and has a balance of people and commercial acumen. She is a passionate communicator and is confident and high energy. Sasha has excellent communication skills and is viewed as a change agent.”


Andrew Slater, Homecare Medical/The National Telehealth Service - Finalist

Judges notes: “Andrew is a future thinker and is passionate about social and health issues. He has a high level of achievement and responsibility, is customer focused and shows a balanced capability. The speed with which he establishes organisation and his clarity of vision are to be commended. Andrew’s use of technology and negotiation of Plunket’s memorandum of understanding highlighted his ability to negotiate health sector politics and his passion for better health sector outcomes.”


Kimberley Bray, Ravensdown - Finalist

Judges notes: “Kimberley demonstrated good all-round capability. In her work she has achieved positive outcomes in call centres and stand-up meetings. She was continuously confident in her work.”


Michael Stribling, Spark NZ - Finalist

Judges notes: “Michael demonstrated strong strategic thinking, ability to engage and lead. He is an excellent communicator and influencer, and his leadership and operational experience suggest huge future potential. He has a strong strategic focus, has led major acquisitions and is a clear thinker. Michael also demonstrates good communication and coaching skills.”



Ranjna Patel - WINNER

Past Winners and Finalists


Company of the Year

Finalists – Spark NZ, Restaurant Brands

Winner – Z Energy Limited

Executive of the Year

Finalists – Simon Moutter (Spark NZ), Patrick Davies (EBOS Group Ltd)

Winner – Mike Bennetts (Z Energy Limited)

CFO of the Year

Finalists – Gordon MacLeod (Ryman Healthcare), Andrew Carroll (Chorus)

Winner – Jolie Hodson, Spark NZ

Chairperson of the Year

Finalists – Rob Campbell, Trevor Janes

Winner – Christopher Moller

Most Improved Performance    

Finalists – Trade Me, Kathmandu

Winner – Zespri

Excellence in Governance

Finalists – Nuplex, Dr Lester Levy

Winner – Accident Compensation Corporation

Best Growth Strategy

Finalists – The a2 Milk Company, Ryman Healthcare

Winner – Synlait Milk

Diversity Leadership Award

Finalists – IAG NZ, ANZ Bank New Zealand

Winner – ASB

Young Executive of the Year

Finalists – Sasha Lockley (Avanti Finance), Andrew Slater (Homecare Medical/The National Telehealth Service), Kimberley Bray (Ravensdown), Michael Stribling (Spark NZ)

Winner – James Bergin (ASB Bank)

Visionary Leader

Winner – Ranjna Patel


Company of the Year

Finalists – EBOS, Z Energy, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Winner – EBOS


Executive of the Year

Finalists – Christopher Luxon (Air New Zealand), Jackie Johnson (IAG), Mike Bennetts (Z Energy)

Winner – Christopher Luxon (Air New Zealand)


CFO of the Year

Finalists – Andy Carroll (Chorus), Jolie Hodson (Spark), Rob McDonald (Air New Zealand)

Winner – Robert McDonald (Air New Zealand)


Chairperson of the Year

Finalists – Joan Withers, Mark Verbiest, Rob Hewett

Winner – Joan Withers


Most Improved Performance

Finalists – Comvita, Zespri, Refining NZ

Winner – Refining NZ


Excellence in Governance

Finalists – Air New Zealand, NZ Super Fund, NZ Shareholders Association

Winner – NZ Super Fund


Best Growth Strategy

Finalists – Tourism Holdings, IAG, Z Energy

Winner – Tourism Holdings


Diversity Leadership Award

Finalists – Westpac, Air New Zealand, ANZ

Winner – Westpac


Young Executive of the Year

Finalists – Taryn Hamilton, Daniel Warsaw, Craig West

Winner – Craig West (Downer)


Visionary Leader

Winner – Dame Suzie Moncrieff (WOW)


Company of the Year

Finalists – Air New Zealand, Briscoe’s, Fidelity Life

Winner – Air New Zealand


Executive of the Year

Finalists – Rod Duke, Simon Challies, Dean Bracewell

Winner – Simon Challies


Chairperson of the Year

Finalists – Chris Moller, Tony Carter, Mark Verbiest

Winner – Tony Carter


Most Improved Performance

Finalists – Hellabys, Tourism Holdings, Spark

Winner – Tourism Holdings


Excellence in Governance

Finalists – Port of Tauranga, Fletcher Building, Air New Zealand

Winner – Fletcher Building


Best Growth Strategy

Finalists – Infratil, Delegats, Green Cross

Winner – Delegats


Diversity Leadership Award

Finalists – Genesis Energy, BNZ, Vodafone

Winner – BNZ


Young Executive of the Year

Finalists – Michael Wilson, Oliver du Bern, Michael Lewis

Winner – Michael Lewis